HELLFIRE is the story of US Marine Travis Deacon, whose vacation to Wales ends with the mysterious death of his friend, SAS Major Gareth Jones. When Travis attempts to look into the death, British authorities work to send him back to Afghanistan.




HELLFIRE (formerly A MURDER IN MUMBLES) was shortlisted in the international 2010 Debut Dagger Awards competition, sponsored by the Crime Writers’ Association based in London. It was also a finalist in the 2010 SouthWest Writers competition.

HELLFIRE is scheduled to be published  in hardcover in September of 2011 by Transit Publications (click here or on their logo to check out some of their other best selling titles)

Travis refuses to quit, and accompanied by Detective Sergeant Dee Jones, his friend’s sister, he uncovers a deadly terrorist plot. Together they escape fanatical assassins and evade British authorities, to thwart the cruellest terrorist attack in history.


COYOTE MIDNIGHT is the sequel to HELLFIRE. It will be set in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.  Travis and Dee are recuperating from the amazing exploits detailed in HELLFIRE. Instead of recovery, they find murder, kidnapping and illegal trafficking in both drugs and human slaves.

Travis’ skills, perfected by running covert operations for the CIA, allow him to track the “Coyotes,” the name these smugglers have chosen for themselves. At the same time, Dee uses her abilities as a detective to find the drop houses these gang enforcers use to hide their cargos.


Working together, Travis and Dee close in on their quarry and free the hostages from lives of slavery and abuse, but the Coyotes manage to escape. In a frantic dash to the Mexican border, Travis and Dee catch up with Xibalba, the gang leader, and kill him and the other members of his gang before they can escape to safety.