Most of my recent writing efforts have been directed toward learning the craft of screenwriting. Screenwriting has taught me to understand story like no other medium could.

Queer Eye For The Dead Guy (Work in progress)

2nd Place

2005 SouthWest Writers Screenplay Competition


Impulsive FBI Agent Dawn Johnson risks her job to find the serial killer targeting reality shows before he claims his final victim.


Coyote Midnight (planned sequel to HELLFIRE)

16th Place

80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition


Travis Deacon is home from the war to convalesce, but instead must stop the Mexican Drug Lord Xibalba before he delivers his human cargo and murders the Sheriff, Travis’ friend.


Dead On The Fourth Of July (Work in progress)

18th Place

79th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition


A Muslim Philly Policeman must defeat his terrorist brother before he can execute a US Senator and blow up Independence Hall.


Elf And The Troll (Work in progress)

Honorable Mention

78th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition


Impetuous FBI Agent Dawn Johnson ignores orders and investigates a mystery vaccine, only to find herself in a battle with eco terrorists to prevent a deformed medical genius from unleashing a deadly plague on Washington DC.   

Home To War (Work in progress)

Honorable Mention

77th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition


A Marine and former latino gang member returns home, only to find himself in a another battle to protect his neighbourhood from a rival gang.


Whoremaker - The Most Hated Man on Earth

(In revision)


A discredited young geneticist seeks revenge by joining with a Russian Mafia lord to clone celebrities  and sell their doubles on the black market, only to discover he has also cloned Vladimir Lenin and other leaders of the Russian Revolution.   He must now decide whether to escape before his partner kills him, or risk certain death to save the world from chaos.


Aurora’s Playground  (Low Budget Horror)


Physics PhD hopeful and Playboy Playmate Maxine Derek (Max) inherits the Parker estate, only to discover that the Aurora Alien is buried in the mansion’s basement. Nowshe must battle a gang of youthful robbers and prevent the alien from escaping.




After seven centuries as a vampire Michel has not forgotten his first mortal love. When he embraces the promise of a new love, he finds himself trapped in the struggle between ancient gods and demons.